Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Danbury

Services & Events

All are welcome to the Church of St John the Baptist, set on the top of Danbury ridge.

Two services are held each Sunday and there are two mid-week services.

We are a lively church with lots going on!

The church has a strong musical tradition and a robed choir.

Refreshments are served in the Meeting Room after the main Sunday morning service.

Regular social activities, special events and services are held throughout the year.



Sunday Services:

1st Sunday

Parish Communion at 10am

2nd Sunday

Morning Worship at 10am

3rd Sunday

Parish Communion at 10am

4th Sunday

Cafe Praise at 10am

5th Sunday
'Come Together Service' 10am

at either St John's Danbury
or St Mary's Little Baddow (see service sheet for details)

Weekday Services:

Thursday morning : 11.15am

1st Thursday - Prayer Meeting

2nd Thursday - Holy Communion

3rd Thursday - Prayer Meeting

4th Thursday - Morning Worship